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Systems Philosophy is a discipline that uses systems concepts and systems methods to construct a realistic ‘philosophy’ (in the sense of ‘world-view’) and putting it to practical use.  Systems philosophers use not only scientific knowledge but also systems concepts such as hierarchy, emergence, relationship, connection, synergy and wholeness to analyse and model the structure, components, variety and functioning of the real world and our place in it.  “Systems Philosophy” embraces Systems Metaphysics, (clarifying systems concepts), Systems Cosmology (building systemic world-views), and Applied Systems Philosophy (using systemic world-views to address the ‘Big Questions’).  (more...) The Centre for Systems Philosophy (CSP) was established to: refine the methods and models of Systems Philosophy; do systems-philosophical research towards solving important problems in science and philosophy; promote understanding of the methods, usefulness and appropriateness of Systems Philosophy for solving real-word problems. .
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