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Exploring what we don't know about what we know

      There are many deep questions which not only lack good answers, but for which we have very little idea how to go about investigating them in a way that leads to persuasive conclusions.  Do we have free will?  Do we have a moral responsibility towards the natural world? Could computers become conscious?  Does what we do ultimately matter?

      Progress towards answering deep questions has historically been slow and people often assume that many of these questions are unanswerable. We believe that real progress is possible if we can find the right methods to use and the right data to refer to.  Taking modern science as our model, we observe that finding the relevant method or data often hinges on framing the question appropriately.  And that hinges on having sufficiently nuanced concepts in mind.
      We hold that recent advances in Systemology, combined with recent advances in the specialised sciences, can open up new routes to progress in this area. Pursuing this opportunity is our focus in the CSP.
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Our Challenge

Foundational research is impeded by a lack of variety of terms to capture all the relevant conceptual nuances, and a lack of clarity and consistency in the terms used to refer to fundamental concepts across disciplines.

Our Focus

We are developing systemic frameworks for discovering and refining foundational concepts, principles and research methodologies, and also applying these frameworks to pursue fundamental research.

Our Approach

We draw on recent advances in Systemology to explore and leverage the systemic interdependencies within and between collections of concepts, principles, methods and theories, in the context of deep questions.

Our Teams

Answers to deep questions have transdisciplinary significance, so our research teams bring together people with knowledge, skills and ideas from a wide range of disciplines, from across academia and industry.