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Revealing interconnections

      It's often said the whole is more than the sum of its parts, yet traditional design and analysis methods typically break problems down to components. As our world becomes more complex and interconnected, this approach can lead to unexpected consequences. It's increasingly a problem for those designing complex human-machine systems or simply trying to understand the natural world. 

      The CSP develops enriched methods for research, analysis and design, based on a deeper understanding of the systemic nature of the world. We formalise the concepts and guidelines needed for establishing a systemic perspective within the metaphysics of science. 

      This process also sheds new light on a range of "Big Questions", providing some of the most interesting outcomes of our work.

The Challenge

The most challenging issues in the world are systemic; they emerge from the complex inter-dependencies within our society and our ecosystem. But our tools for addressing them are not yet penetrating enough to handle this complexity.

Our Focus

We develop methodologies for investigating complex systemic phenomena, guided by studying the metaphysical underpinnings of systems science and the concepts characterising a worldview.

Our Approach

We are convinced that in order to develop tools suitable for understanding real-world complexity, we must be guided by a refined scientific worldview that reflects the systemic nature of the world. We pursue both the worldview and toolset. 

Our Teams

Our work lies at the intersection between the metaphysics of science, fundamental physics, systemology, and the challenge situation. We bring together specialists from these and other related disciplines.